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Installation on Walls

OVER EXISTING TILE SAVES TIME AND MONEY. Since you don’t need to remove the tile, you can simply adhere Veneer over it. You will also save time and labor by not renovating what tile there is. As long as the tile is sound why remove it? With this type of resurfacing you can reduce the environmental impact of a total renovation AND keep the existing plumbing. Most standard brand name plumbing fixtures now have remodel kits which allow you to only change the fixtures, not the interior plumbing; another time saver.

Stripping and priming the existing tile assures a good bond. The primer used here is “Gripper” by Glidden®. We found it to be a good primer where you want the maximum adhesive bond.

Pre-fitting and numbering the sheets will help with installation as shown here. Here, each sheet was cut to fit and was numbered before installation.

Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive was used here since it cures without evaporation. A non-evaporative adhesive is required when applying between two sealed surfaces.

A 3/16” notched trowel is used to distribute the construction adhesive evenly. The same adhesive must be buttered to the back of the sheets before rolling.

A large roller is then used to apply the Veneer to the tile. Only light pressure is needed to remove air bubbles. Too much roller pressure will leave air gaps. 
Installation on Walls

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