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Sampling Policy

At Arvicon International, we have gained diversified experiences in our journey of 70 years, in the Indian natural stone industry. In the initial days, we invested good sum of money in offering free samples, courier cost etc. But to the contrary, the final result was not profitable rather it hardly tuned any query to a deal. We did not receive any feedback from the parties regarding approval or dis-approval of the samples sent or the price quoted, thus leading to disappointments and discouragement on our part.

With time we decided to modify our sampling practices and started with “paid samples”. Wherein, the customers were required to pay for samples of expensive stones such as Black Galaxy, Sun Mint, etc., and also for the courier charges. For stones that were not very expensive, we are charged the courier cost only or sent the samples through customers’ desired courier or from their account on “to-pay” basis. The results were astonishingly positive. We started receiving quick response from the customers and in most inquiries turns into business. We did good business with the said sample policy.

However, we have amended the above policy to serve our customers, better. Presently, we are charging for samples of very expensive stones along with the courier cost or only courier cost if the products are not very expensive. The cost of aforesaid samples and courier is reimbursed to our esteemed customers once they place their order with us. We ensure that our customers do not suffer the initial sample or courier cost and always receive value-for-money spent.

This revised policy works out very nicely and most of the inquiries turns into business. The win-win situation between both the parties leads to long term business associations and we hope all our esteemed clients will co-operate with us and understand the prima for our customer oriented sample policy.

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